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Leak under sink


Leaks can cause damage fast, call us immediately and we’ll ensure your property is protected as soon as possible. And remember: if water is coming into contact with your electrics, turn them off at the mains.

Dripping tap


Whether it’s a dripping tap or a drip from a pipe under floor boards, we’ll be there to fix it in no time.

Hot Water Cylinders

Whether vented or unvented, if you’re considering renewing your hot water cylinder, call us today. With an unvented cylinder, you don’t need that water tank in the loft.

Lead pipes

Pipe Replacement

If you need to replace lead piping, or if your water pipes are simply no longer dependable, ask us to help you.

Discarded water tank

Water Tanks

Whether it’s renewal or removal, we’ll ensure your cold water tank problems are sorted fast by our dependable plumbers.

Our customers say

We were very pleased with the original survey & advise. The installation was a 1st rate job!

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Mr Thickett